High quality gypsum alabaster kl.II models in dental prosthetics.
Hard yup three synthetic gypsum , high quality, designed to work with the technique of casting sediment partial dentures , orthodontic appliances and skeletal .
Use GILUDUR - in allows you to:
- Preparation of models of high persistence,
- The performance of models with a minimum , uniform coefficient of expansion ,
- To ensure constant high level of quality.
Available colors : yellow, blue , white, green.
Synthetic gypsum type-4 with the highest quality , super white. Designed for performance models in orthodontics and business models and controls.
GILDONT is recommended to perform orthodontic models and other techniques that require the use of plaster models, ensuring receipt of :
- Exceptional surface smoothness,
- High strength,
- Minimal expansion,
- High precision with accuracy .
Super tough synthetic gypsum class IV thixotropic consistency . Recommended for posts and other applications requiring high precision in the technique of ceramic and precious metals .
Gypsum THIXODENT meets the highest requirements to obtain casts and models :
- High stable quality,
- A very smooth surface,
- High resistance to scratching ,
- High-precision mapping.
Synthetic gypsum type-4 with the highest hardness, to perform tasks with the highest degree of precision. Meets the requirements of ISO 6873-4 . Gilston Gypsum is recommended to perform the inspection and working models in the techniques require the use of plaster of high strength and high precision. Especially recommended for :
- Models requiring sawing ,
- For models of control
- The reference models ,
- In the techniques of precious metals,
- Models for ceramic
- The technique of casting models